TECH Token Clarification

Now that Cryptotech TECH tokens are being sent out we have had some questions regarding our tokens and here is a brief explanation.

In order for our token not to be subdivided we have generated a token based on 18 decimals.   Meaning that a token cannot be split up..

In your ETH wallet token setting for Tech tokens you can select 0 decimals and tokens will show up correctly in wallet With the right amount.

1 TECH token that gives hashrate of 1 TH/s is therefore in your ETH wallet visible as. 0.000000000000000001   that is 17 zeroes after decimal point With a 1 at the end means 1 token. 16 zeroes is 10 tokens 15 zeroes is 100 tokens and so on.

This way our tokens cannot be split into smaller units and it simplifies the process of converting to Hashrate in August

Hope this clarifies how our tokens work.

If you do not want to store the token yourself just notify us in the order confirmation to keep token for you instead of giving us your ethereum address. That way we will not transfer the token but hold it safe for you until August. Transferred tokens becomes the responsibility of the user and cannot be replaced if customer looses wallet Access, or otherwise is unable to transfer token back to us in August.

Thanks for the great support we have received from all Our customers.


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