Token Sales Finalized

Today we are happy to announce that Cryptotech`s token sale has ended. We have completed the sales of 
all our available tokens for our first facility, and are greatly thankful to our customers for your business and support.

With all our tokens sold within the time limit, we are on schedule to complete our first facility in the summer of 2018. Due to extreme backlog from our high volumes of sales, we ask for patience from our customers. Those wishing for us to store their tokens instead of transferring to their ether wallets, are greatly appreciated, since this saves us a lot of work in token transfers. Of course this does not affect your mining in our facility or future payout. It also adds Security to Our customers as they will not be able to accidentally loose their tokens. 

We also remind our customers who have placed their order but still not paid for it, that these needs tobe paid as soon as possible, otherwise your order will be cancelled.  If payments are not received in our account by 16th of January at 16:00 CET, your unpaid orders will be cancelled. Payments received after this deadline will be refunded to you. If you have transferred from abroad or intend to do so on Monday or Tuesday, then proof of payment to our account need to be emailed to with references to your order number. Payments done by Stripe or Cryptocurrency are registered immediately, so this only applies to bank transfers.

Friday 19th of January we will make available for sale a limited amount of remaining cloud mining contracts deriving from cancelled orders giving you the opportunity to buy into some of the remaining mining capacity for our original facility that has an expected start of mining in August 2018. Once these contracts are sold out, we do not expect to offer any more hashrate or allow new customers to buy into our services in this facility in the next couple of years. Also cloud mining contract for the Second facility are very Limited. 

We wish to thank all our customers and partners for your support. We look forward to opening our first facility in the summer, and will keep you regularly updated as things progress during 2018. If you haveany questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

Erik Solberg


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