Important information to Token customers that wants them transferred.

We have now started sending out tokens to our Token customers after some technical difficulties and long backlogs. All token customers that have not received their tokens yet are requested to resend their order confirmation email with order number and their ETH address. to the same address as order confirmation came from. Very importatnt that you REPLY to the Order confirmation email and write your ETH address. If you simply send us your ETH address by mail or similar we have no means to verify this is the actual customer and tokens will not be sent out. For those that want to keep tokens with us you do not need to do anything as we automatically hold the tokens of all customers until mining starts. if we do not receive a transfer request including ETH address that is on a wallet that is ERC-20 compatible. Tokens will automatically be kept safe in Our system for you. If you are not 100% sure that your ETH wallet is ERC-20 compatible or your wallet is on a exchange we urge you to check this first. As we will not provide any refunds on tokens lost due to incompatibility. Customers must also know how to make tokens visible in their wallets as they do not become visible by default in many wallet types.
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