Our Dedicated team of experts and specialists around the world has made this possible through their long experience and expertise in this field.

Erik Solberg
CEO / Co-Founder

24 years experience in building up startups. Computer Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur, with background from mobile phone start-ups, and other technically driven start-ups. Global contact network in EV area and infrastructure projects/energy projects. Started Bitcoin mining in 2009/2010 Currently operates multiple cryptocurrency mining farms with a considerable amount of units.

Tom Agan
Co-Founder/Chip Developer

30 yrs+ of experience in R&D management, circuit design and manufacturing of semiconductor devices: CMOS logic, SRAM, MRAM, FPGA, DSP, and microprocessors. 22 issued patents, many pending patent applications and a solid history of novel designs and technologies development; 27 first pass design successes.

Previously worked for Mostek, Honeywell, MathStar, Cray and others.  B.S. degree in Computer Engineering & B.A. degree in Mathematics, Iowa State

James Lupino

More than 25 years of broad industry experience in management, finance, marketing, and engineering roles; 1 issued patent, 4 pending applications,  Experience from

IBM, Texas Instruments, General Dynamics, LTV Aircraft Products Group and Advanced Display Systems

MBA, Finance, SMU & B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of MN

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Various Positions

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